Jimmy Wahlsteen is a recording and internationally touring solo acoustic guitar player based in Stockholm / Sweden.

Jimmy Wahlsteen got his break through on the international acoustic guitar scene 2009 with his solo debut album "181st songs" / Candyrat Records. The album was listed as "Top 25 essential CD´s 2010" by the american radio network Echoes and the song "Shifts of attention" was picked up by the north american tv-show LA Complex. Jimmy was also featured on the cover of Akustik Gitarre / Germany for his release. An interview in scandinavias biggest guitar magazine Fuzz was also published. 

In 2010 Jimmy toured both Germany and Canada with canadian guitar legend Don Ross. Jimmy also appeared in festivals such as Ullapool (Scotland) - and Nordic (Sweden) Guitar Festival.

In fall 2011 Jimmy released his second CD "All time high" / Candyrat records. Followed up by a European tour supporting Tommy Emmanuel. The album was again awarded CD of the month by Echoes. Jimmy was interviewed and featured on the cover of Swedens biggest music magazine Musiker Magasinet and got the centerfold feature in Acoustic Magazine UK along with a second interview for German Akustik Gitarre.

Jimmy has performed on some of the biggest acoustic festivals in the world. Acoustic Franciacourta (Italy), Ullapool Gutiar Festival (Scotland)  and Canadian Guitar Festival (Canada) to new a few.

 After the release of "All time high" and the video Halifaxation, Jimmy was invited to do a concert hall tour at Réunion Island together with Valentina Lisitsa and Buddy Green.

"All time high" has established Jimmy´s name on the international guitar scene. With his original style and heavy youtube exposure Jimmy has now toured over 15 countries and is mentioned amongst the biggest guitar artists in the world. 

Jimmy Wahlsteen´s third album ”No Strings Attached” was released in 2014. The single "No Strings Attached" was featured as song of the month with the leading tab application company GutiarPro. The song took off well on youtube with it´s well produced video. The song "If You Say So Romance" ended up being Jimmy Wahlsteens biggest hit so far on the stream sites with plays over 3 million on Spotify. 

The album No Strings Attached also led to the exclusive endorsement deal with DiMarzio acoustic pick ups amongst guitar profiles as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert etc. 

Jimmy Wahlsteen has just released his 2nd digital release playlist in his "Broadsides" series (2016, 2017). Broadsides 2 came out in September and the song Portrait has already been played 400 000 times on Spotify.