Hello everyone!


I have a new playlist out. My new series of releases are named Broadsides. You will find both Broadsides and Broadsides 2 on Spotify. The new singel Portrait has already 400 000 plays. Thanks for supporting and listening. 

Broadsides_JImmy Wahlsteen_2.jpeg


A new partner is added on the website. I have for a while been playing exclusively with DiMarzio pick ups on my Sandén guitars. They sound awesome together. Check out the profile on DiMarzios website. I must admit I´m proud of being in such great company. Vai, Gilbert, Lukather etc. 

One thing I really wanted to bring to your attention is the workshop week in Spain I´m hosting together with Adam Rafferty. It´s gonna be a lovely week in a beautiful location between 27th of January and the 3rd of February. Please check it out. I can guarantee lovely weather, super nice guitar playing and good food. 


Hope to see you there. Peace and love to all of you! 

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Hi everyone! 

I hope you enjoy my new official website. There´s a lot of new stuff with my name on them since the latest blog post. As of today I´m headlining the Candyrat youtube channel again with my new video "I Hope You´re Not Thinking What I Hope You´re Not Thinking".  

"I Hope You´re Not Thinking..." is one the songs I´m absolutely most proud of. It´s got the mix of finger style and modern pop/club sound. I´ve been struggling hard in the studio to find this touch. I also have my great mixer Oscar Fogelstroem to thank for the punchy attack in the percussives and the dreamy atmospheric wibe in the middle eight. The percussive beat is performed simultaneously with the melodic part of the main riff. You will find it explained in the tabs available on the Candyrat Webshop.

I have also recorded a series of live songs performed in the classic Candyrat Studio in Milwaukee. They will be released on youtube in 2016. The first one "Catenary Curves" from my "All Time High" album is already out. 

I have been working a lot on sound development during the fall. I´m happy to announce that I´m now officially playing with DiMarzio pick ups. The new Black Angel series sounds unbelievably good. Check out the promo video I recorded for the Black Angel! 

I am also proud to be posing amongst other great DiMarzio players such as Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and Steve Lukather. One could say I´m in good company. . 

In April 2016 I´m doing a tour in Germany! Please check the tour page for more detailed info. Here are the dates: 

14/4: Mullheim an der Ruhr

15/4: Weisenheim am Sand

17/4: Dortmund

18/4: Essen

20/4: Göttingen

21/4: Rulle

22/4: Brunsbuttel

I am also scheduled for Italy and Malta in the fall of 2017. More news to come. 

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the new videos! I look forward to seeing some of you in Germany in April. 

Thanks for stopping by

Jimmy Wahlsteen

Posted on March 7, 2016 .

New album and youtube video.

Hi everyone!

My new album is out. Finally... I´ve been pushing the release day forward probably five times over the last year and a half. Producing music is one of the most extreme ways of doing music in terms of amount of passion and time it requires. I refuse to let go of a song until I´m 100% satisfied. I can honestly say that this is my best material so far. I´ve worked hard to blend the sound of traditional finger style guitar music with more modern sounding productions. Inspired by Daniel Lanois, Moby and Robyn I finally think I´ve reached the sound I´ve been striving for since I started producing solo guitar music in 2008. I look forward to your reactions and comments. I hope you like the music. 

The album title is "No Strings Attached". Please check to following links to find the music. 

Candyrat Records webshop




Searching on Spotify I was glad to find my song It´s your favorite has now close to 700 000 plays. 

It´s been a few years now since the release of All time high. The video for Rapid Eye Moment has now reached over 1000 000 views on youtube. Now, with long hair and beard I can now happily announce that my new song "No Strings Attached" has gained 30 000 views in just 5 days on youtube. Watch closely and you´ll see that I appear on a few unexpected places in the video. Following the same kind of narcissistic theme as some of my previous videos. 

I hope you like this new website by the way. Someone bought my old domain name so I registered this one under instead. All blog posts will be posted from here in the future instead of the old wordpress one I used

A tour in Germany is scheduled for May 2015. Until then I´ll be pretty busy doing television shows in Sweden where I do of lot of work as musical director and guitarist. Plans are made to come back over to North America later in the fall of 2015. I´ll keep you updated here and on FB. Please like the page if you haven´t already. Don´t be shy to sign up for news here on website as well. 

Thanks for stopping by,

jimmy wahlsteen



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