Hi everyone! 

I hope you enjoy my new official website. There´s a lot of new stuff with my name on them since the latest blog post. As of today I´m headlining the Candyrat youtube channel again with my new video "I Hope You´re Not Thinking What I Hope You´re Not Thinking".  

"I Hope You´re Not Thinking..." is one the songs I´m absolutely most proud of. It´s got the mix of finger style and modern pop/club sound. I´ve been struggling hard in the studio to find this touch. I also have my great mixer Oscar Fogelstroem to thank for the punchy attack in the percussives and the dreamy atmospheric wibe in the middle eight. The percussive beat is performed simultaneously with the melodic part of the main riff. You will find it explained in the tabs available on the Candyrat Webshop.

I have also recorded a series of live songs performed in the classic Candyrat Studio in Milwaukee. They will be released on youtube in 2016. The first one "Catenary Curves" from my "All Time High" album is already out. 

I have been working a lot on sound development during the fall. I´m happy to announce that I´m now officially playing with DiMarzio pick ups. The new Black Angel series sounds unbelievably good. Check out the promo video I recorded for the Black Angel! 

I am also proud to be posing amongst other great DiMarzio players such as Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and Steve Lukather. One could say I´m in good company. . 

In April 2016 I´m doing a tour in Germany! Please check the tour page for more detailed info. Here are the dates: 

14/4: Mullheim an der Ruhr

15/4: Weisenheim am Sand

17/4: Dortmund

18/4: Essen

20/4: Göttingen

21/4: Rulle

22/4: Brunsbuttel

I am also scheduled for Italy and Malta in the fall of 2017. More news to come. 

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the new videos! I look forward to seeing some of you in Germany in April. 

Thanks for stopping by

Jimmy Wahlsteen

Posted on March 7, 2016 .