Hello everyone!


I have a new playlist out. My new series of releases are named Broadsides. You will find both Broadsides and Broadsides 2 on Spotify. The new singel Portrait has already 400 000 plays. Thanks for supporting and listening. 

Broadsides_JImmy Wahlsteen_2.jpeg


A new partner is added on the website. I have for a while been playing exclusively with DiMarzio pick ups on my Sandén guitars. They sound awesome together. Check out the profile on DiMarzios website. I must admit I´m proud of being in such great company. Vai, Gilbert, Lukather etc. 

One thing I really wanted to bring to your attention is the workshop week in Spain I´m hosting together with Adam Rafferty. It´s gonna be a lovely week in a beautiful location between 27th of January and the 3rd of February. Please check it out. I can guarantee lovely weather, super nice guitar playing and good food. 


Hope to see you there. Peace and love to all of you! 

Posted on November 28, 2017 .